Whole Enchilada Shuttle Co.

The Whole Enchilada Shuttle Company is dedicated to providing you with the best mountain biking experience in Moab. We specialize in transporting you to some of the most spectacular trails in the world.

Daily Scheduled Shuttles

Whole Enchilada Trail System….. $25.00-$30.00
(Dropping off as high as conditions permit)

Moab Brands Trails (AKA Bar M)….. $15.00

Mag 7 Trails…………………………………. $25.00

Must-Do Rides

Everybody thinks their local trails are special, but here in Moab we have had millions of visitors who agree! These three are the classic Moab “must-do” rides.

Local Weather

We used this service for a shuttle to get from Moab to the Bar M trail system. We rode from the trails back to town which was mostly downhill. The staff is very helpful and friendly. This is a no brainer. Very reasonably priced.

Hall B. Albany, New York

I’ve used the Whole Enchilada Shuttle Co. several times now, and each time has been fantastic. Prompt departure, courteous drivers, great stories along the way. I’m always watchful of my baby (my bike!) on crowded racks, but the drivers load up the bikes with expert care.