Raptor Route Trail Information

The Raptor Route is the newest trail system in the Moab area, first opening in March 2020 and still growing, with the intention of extending the full length of Sand Flats Rd. Built as a stand alone trail system, it also serves as an alternative ending to the Whole Enchilada for folks that are not up to the very technical, remote Porcupine Rim. It Comprises four intermediate flow trails that parallel Sand Flats Road; the highest trail, Eagle Eye, begins where UPS turns into LPS. The total length is 11 miles top to bottom and includes Eagle Eye, Hawks Glide, Falcon Flow, and the new Kestrel Run completed fall 2023. This trail system offers flowy, fast intermediate trails with a few well-marked advanced moves.

The Raptor Route is quickly gaining notoriety and it’s no secret that Eagle Eye is one of the most fun trails in Moab right now; what it lacks in miles, it more than makes up for in smiles! From the end of Kestrel Run, the final trail in the system, it is a 6.5 mile ride back to the Whole Enchilada departure lot. The exit is a combination of a downhill trending gravel road and Moab City streets or the Millcreek Bike Path. The famed Slickrock bike trail is located just before you reach the Sand Flats entrance station, offering the option of adding the practice loop to your ride.

We’ve got lots of information for riding in Moab here.

You should take the Raptor Route if…

  • You are looking for an easier ending to the Whole Enchilada.
  • You are having technical issues with your bike.
  • You are feeling tired from what you have already ridden.
  • You are out, or nearly out of water.
  • You are struggling with the heat.
  • You are looking for a fun intermediate ride.

Keep in mind, the Whole Enchilada is not going anywhere, the average Porcupine rescue is 8 hours! If you are questioning whether or not you should opt for the Raptor Route, you probably should, your health and safety are more important than checking that box, you can always come back and try it again.

Essential Shuttle Information

We do not offer a Raptor Route specific shuttle, however… The Raptor Route can be taken from any Whole Enchilada shuttle drop off, though above LPS, the total ride will be longer. In early spring and late fall the Whole Enchilada shuttle drop is generally somewhere along the Raptor Route. UPS and Koko drop offs add about 5 miles to the ride, of intermediate trail, or an all double track approach to Eagle Eye. Once shuttles begin going to Hazard, about mid May through mid/end October, the additional miles begin to substantially increase. Kokopelli down via the Raptor Route is about 22 total miles, 15 of those trail miles, is a fun longer ride for the solid intermediate biker.

The Raptor Route can be ridden as a loop, Falcon Flow → Kestrel Run has a moderate road climb. From the bottom of Hawks Glide to the top of Eagle Eye the climb increases significantly, 1450 ft. over 4 miles. There is a road exit option at the transition of each of the Raptor Route trails into the next. While the trails are bi-directional it is not advised to ride up the trail due to the downhill flowy nature of them.